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Project Inspiration

Get Inspired with Artistic Influencers

Spend time being inspired to fuel your inner artist. See what these artists create with Derwent!

For your next work of art, trust Derwent's superior quality to express your art vividly and vibrantly. 

Moon Phase Watercolour Salt Painting

Check out this step-by-step tutorial from Pop Shop America using Derwent Academy Watercolour Pencils!

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Watercolour Planner Stickers

Spice up your planning with these fun stickers, made using Derwent Academy Watercolour Pencils!

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Lemon Tree Watercolour Art

Derwent Academy’s watercolour pencils and markers can be used together to make beautiful works of art. Jordan’s Easy Entertaining shows us how!

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Getting Creative with Derwent Academy

Dear Creatives blog offers some tips and tricks for using Derwent Academy’s full range of art products to add some vibrancy to your average.

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How to Create Easy Calligraphy Art Prints

Derwent Academy Twin-Tip markers are great for calligraphy! Check out Sunny Sweet Days blog for some fun lettering ideas.

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Our Whiskey Lullaby

Check out these sketches using a variety of Derwent Academy items!

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Fruit Slice Tray DIY

Learn how to create these adorable trays using Derwent Academy Acrylic Paints and Twin-Tip Markers!

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Rediscovering Art with Derwent Academy

Learn more about how Derwent Academy products can spark some creativity in the day-to-day!

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