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Precision Mechanical Pencils

Ultra fine sketching with a high quality metal barrel 

Precision is our first mechanical pencil, adding to the extensive Derwent range of artists' materials. Ideal for sketchers and technical drawing professionals alike, it boasts a premium metal barrel which has been designed for optimal grip and balance.

Available in two sizes (0.5 & 0.7mm) with two degrees of graphite lead, HB & 2B. Derwent Precision Mechanical Pencils include a built-in eraser under the push button cap and the retractable nib makes them pocket-safe. The leads have a strong point for extended use and minimal breaking. Precision has a smooth laydown of graphite, suitable for fine detail and cross hatching techniques.

Artist recommended

“The Derwent Precision mechanical pencil is a very enjoyable drawing tool to use. When held in the hand it has a good weight and feels beautifully balanced when sketching. I found it incredibly responsive,…easy to load and its narrow point allowed for amazing precision when doing highly detailed work…I highly recommend this mechanical pencil as a drawing tool.” Adele Wagstaff