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Artwork: Robert Dutton

Our Story

A proud heritage

With a proud heritage dating back to 1832, we have been creating pencils in the Lake District, UK, since 1916. With over 150 years of know-how packed into every pencil and art tool, our creative and scientific minds never cease in their quest for new ideas. Obsessing over the highest quality of materials and forever creating an ever evolving and exceptional range to meet the requirements of every artist. We will keep pushing our boundaries so that artists can keep pushing theirs.

Artwork credits: Robert Dutton, Paul Knight, Jake Spicer, Jesse Lane, Jake Spicer, Jedidiah Dore

1500s graphite found in Borrowdale, Lake District

1795 Conté, Paris produces artificial graphite.

1832 pencil manufacture starts in Keswick

1916 Cumberland Pencil Company